• u-Tron LAB/P

기능 및 특징

  • 실험실에서 시험 후 양산에 적용하기에 앞서 inline 장비로서의 양산조건을 설정하기 위한 장비이다.

  • 아울러 파일럿 구성 장비로서 적용이 용이하다.

  • 한 대의 기계로 혼합(Mixing), 균질 (Homogenizing), 유화 (Emulsification), 현탁 (Suspension), 습식 / 분쇄(Wet milling)의 공정이 이루어집니다.


  • All wetted parts of stainless steel AISI 316

  • Three - stage dispersing chamber with Rotor / Stator 2C, 4M, 6F

  • Three - phase motor

  • Base frame constructed of stainless steel

  • Inlet / Outlet - ISO Ferrule 1S

  • Temp’, Pressure , RPM control

Technical Innovation

  • Innovative change of the production process

  • Innovative the mixing technology and high quality products, an outstanding reduction in processing time, enhanced productivity, and reduced cost. We offer all of thi s to you.

All in one(Mixing, homogenizing, emulsification, suspension and wet milling)

  • Up-to-date process and product development

  • Simplified scale - up to production capacities

  • Interchangeable processing modules

  • RPM, Temp’, Presssure control from T60 – Controller

Technical Data

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Power Output speed Flow capacity (H20) Tip speed Power Dimensions (L×W×H)
2.2 kW MAX 10,500 RPM 500 l/h 28 m/s 220 / 380V 3Ph 520×270×420mm